The Epic Wedding Contract


This contract stands as an agreement between R&R Photography as a company and as an individual and the Clients (as defined by the filling in of the forms in the Client 1 and Client 2 forms below).

From here on R&R Photography, or any of R&R Photography's legal representatives may be referred to as either "me", "we", "us" or "I" and the Client will be referred to as "you" or "you guys".


You will be required to pay 50% of the amount agreed upon receipt of your invoice, as well as agree to the terms of this contract. This payment is your booking fee and together with the agreement secures your booking. You will be required to pay the remaining 50% in the 7 days leading up to your wedding date.

If your wedding day has arrived and you haven't paid we reserve the right to not shoot your wedding. 

In the case that the wedding is cancelled, the booking fee is not refundable. 

Please send proof of payment to

Food, refreshments and seating.

We are going to be working really hard to make sure we capture your special day in the best way possible. You will need to make sure that food and drinks are provided as well as a spot for us to sit. A lot of venues and caterers offer a reduced rate for staff.

There will be 2 people, myself and my assistant.

Day Plan, Key Moments and Schedule.

In order for us to get the best possible photographs of your wedding day we will need to know the day plan as well as any key moments that you want captured on your day. It's best if we chat about this together beforehand so that we can make sure we will have the best possible light as well as enough time to get amazing portraits of you guys and your families. 

It's also important because we need to consider the lighting conditions for all parts of the day so we can plan accordingly.

We need you to keep me us the loop with regards to any changes made to the day plan and key moments so that we can make sure we don't miss anything. If you don't let us know about a change or moment and we miss it, I'm afraid I can't be held responsible for it, but you can be sure we''ll be doing our best not to miss anything!

Using the Photos

The photos we take at your wedding belong to both us and you. You can use the photographs for whatever you like, as long as they remain unchanged. You must make sure to credit "Roxanne Roerink of R&R Photography" whenever the photos are published or entered into any competitions or anything of the sort, as well as informing us before publishing/entering the photos into any third party competition/publication/website. This isn't because we would want to stop you, it's because we want to be in the loop and involved with any awesome stuff that you do with our photos!

Model Release

You agree that we can use the photos for any editorial, competition, advertising and/or other purpose and in any manner. We can also alter the photographs without restriction; and to copyright the images. You agree that we are released from all liability and claims in connections with the images.

Table Photos

Unfortunately I do not take table photos during the reception.


If for whatever reason we are unable to photograph your wedding we will do everything in our power to find a suitable and awesome replacement to shoot in our place. In the case that we are unable to make a back up plan, we will pay back in full any payments you have made to us.

We have a whole bunch of measures in place to make sure that your photographs are safely stored and backed up securely, but in the unlikely event that the photos are lost due to reasons beyond our control I will pay you back either the full amount of funds received from you, or the amount relevant to the percentage of content lost.


Editing and delivering your photographs will take approximately 8 weeks. We always make sure to send you a sneak peak within the first week after your wedding so that you've got some awesome photos to share on social media.

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Client 1
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Best Man
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Maid of Honor
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Wedding Date *
Wedding Date
Ceremony Location *
Ceremony Location
Please include venue name and addresses and any other information that might be relevant (for example which hall if venue has two or more possibilities)
Reception Location *
Reception Location
Please include venue name and addresses and any other information that might be relevant (for example which hall if venue has two or more possibilities)
Groom's Getting Ready Location *
Groom's Getting Ready Location
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Brides Getting Ready Location *
Brides Getting Ready Location
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We agree to all of the terms listed in the above Epic Wedding Contract *