What you can expect?

Whether this is your first time hiring a photographer or not, I think it’s important you know what you’re getting into first to make sure we are a good fit for each other. I want you to be sure the experience I wanna give you is everything you could dream of and more.

Choosing a photographer is one of the BIGGEST decisions and investments you’ll make for your wedding day.

It’s super important to choose a photographer whose style you love and who you feel you could create a friendship with because that’s part of the secret to achieving awesome images and creating a connection with the camera! Feeling relaxed – like you’re with a friend!


When you hire me for your wedding, you get ME. Not just my camera. I’m with you every step of the way!!

You can use my expertise to help make planning a wedding as easy as possible. I know small little tricks that will help you stay less stressed and always have a smile on your face.

On the day I’ll be there making sure you don’t have lipstick on your teeth before you walk down the aisle, I’ll be there pinning (and re-pinning) your veil, and i’m going to give you a fat hug at the end of the best day of your life and wish the night would never end!!

How the magic happens?


I love creating beautiful portraits like many photographers do, but I’m more into portraits that show genuine emotion in gorgeous snapshots - not stiff and posed. (Although I do like the occasional awkward group photo.)

My approach is au natural, I’m not there to boss you guys around. This isn’t going to be an afternoon of staged, awkward feeling, forced smiles and poses. Thats just not who I am, If I see you need a little help and guidance I will step in and help you be a little less awkward. But my absolute goal is to capture who you are and keep it as real as possible!

In 60 years you’re going to sit in your rocking chairs together looking at these photos and reliving every moment (also being like daaaannngggg we look GOOOD!!). You’re gonna remember all the joy, the happiness, the tears, and all the totally imperfect moments that made it so perfect! We’re going to laugh till our faces fall off, we’re going to have weird awkward dance parties (pls?!), and we’re going to have an epic adventure celebrating YOU!

Bottom line? I want to make magic with you. Let’s have an awesome adventure together!